• Pest Prophet API

    Easily integrate pest and disease Models into your platform

  • How it Works

    The Pest Prophet API is the quickest and easiest way to integrate agricultural pest and disease models into an existing application or platform.

    Local Weather Data

    The Pest Prophet API can be implemented to use data from any weather station, sensor, or weather service. This data can be run through our models, providing pest and disease information to the end user.


    The Pest Prophet API can be adapted and customized for a variety of use cases. Please contact to see if can be used with your platform.


    Pest Prophet offers full support for integration and troubleshooting of the API, as well as agronomic support for best use" of the models.

    Over 360 Available Models

    Pest Prophet offers over 360 agricultural models, including insects, plant diseases, weeds, and crop timing models. We are always adding more when available. See full list here.

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